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Mobile Platform

Want to make your response time quicker - at the touch of your hand at all times?  Our mobile platform can help you achieve that.  You can have all your facility information at the touch of a finger on your smartphone, Android, or iPad - yep, there's an app for that.

The iDrawings® mobile platform provides a physical synchronization link between the desktop iDrawings® application and the handheld device running iDrawings®, which allows facility managers and others within the organization to move about the facility with all the necessary facility CAD drawings and data needed to carry out a vast variety of tasks.  Any changes that are made in the field on the handheld device can be subsequently synchronized with the desktop, thus ensuring that all drawings and data changes on both devices are kept up-to-date.

Whether you are a new subscriber to iDrawings® or a seasoned user, the advantages of using and managing CAD drawings that are ‘linked’ to facility data, graphics, documents and communications on a small mobile handheld device simply makes one more effective and efficient.  Make changes as needed (from either the handheld device or Desktop computer) and easily sync any change(s) to keep both devices current.

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