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iDrawings Product Solutions

The iDrawings® CAFM/IWMS platform technology tightly couples As-Built architectural plans and various other building systems infrastructure (HVAC, electrical, plumbing, etc.) drawings with functional databases to provide a space-centric view of all facility information.  All drawings are referenced to the As-Built floor plans to maintain the spatial context for the location of infrastructure equipment and employee use assets (space, furniture, computers, etc.).  This provides the leverage for using common information base for operational and maintenance requirements, and the business use of the facility.  


The system offers over 25 modules designed to facilitate major facility management functions (details about the individual Modules can be found by clicking on the Module name on the menu bar on the right side of this Webpage).


Among our Business Solutions are:  

·         Integrated Space Management

·         Capital Asset Management 

·         Employee Management

·         Building Condition Assessment 

·         Energy Management

·         Work Order and Maintenance Management 


We enable our customers to improve their organizational efficiency and decision effectiveness regarding the life cycle management of their Capital Assets, Facilities Maintenance, Work Space Utilization, Real Estate Portfolio and Costs.  


Each Module addresses a specific business function and process of the Life Cycle Management of Capital Assets and Facilities/Work Place.  It is an integrated web-based enterprise platform that tightly couples drawings and databases to support mission critical space-centered applications.  We provide unique solutions to your unique needs by combining specific modules into a customized solution.


Product Characteristics: 

·         Integration Workspace solutions incorporates corporate-wide functions in a common environment 

·         Drawing-centric enterprise-wide exchange of facility drawings and data

·         Ease of Use; clients do not need knowledge of underlying complex databases or CAD files to interact with the system

·         Mobile-First workplace solutions with real time access to your facility data at your fingertips on any Smartphone 


Indus Systems implemented facility management software solutions provide full integration of business process and data – enabling clients to eliminate redundant practices and systems, reduce IT Cost, improve accuracy of information, and improve overall client organizational efficiencies and services.