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Power is the major life line of any data center and probably the single largest operational cost component.  Yet information about power utilization, requirements and cost remains elusive; often the total cost of data center power is buried in the overall facility or building metering.  Not only can new servers impose large new power loads, but related cooling and operational infrastructure costs can magnify that requirement several times.

The key to better understanding the power requirements is the ability to continuously measure power consumption of all operational data center components including the Data Center inbound power, PDU equipment, Racks and Servers. The data can then be analyzed to support new infrastructure and IT investments. The pay back of investments in power metering devices for data center components is significant considering that they will:

a)       enable precise use of power

b)      charge back costs that will include power usage

c)       enable peak load analysis

d)      ability to optimize reconfiguration of racks and PDU units

e)       ability to reconfigure power distribution, and

f)        enable better decisions regarding additional infrastructure requirements.


The iTCenter™ Power Module provides a powerful capability to measure, analyze, and visualize power consumption based on real time measurement of use and display in the graphical context of the data center floor plan.  Key capabilities provide ability to:

·         Define Panels and Power Distribution Units

·     Set rules for connectivity among various power components

·         Allocate power to any component that draws or distributes power

·         Set Phase Type, Total Number of circuits or Outlets, Input Voltage and Ampere while defining Power Distribution Components; and

·         Measure real time use at the PDU, Rack or component level.


Making all the power use information available on a common easy to share and access platform allows a collaborative dialog between the FM and IT functions in planning new technology initiatives and understanding leveraged ROI of additional investments.